Thursday, 5 August 2010

I Needed more Software for Working with PDF Files

Perhaps you are here for PDF software:

  • Clicking here or here (This version is slower but smaller download, 1.9MB. Latest stable beta_5_4_5; with features for "page numbering" and "re-size" and "zoom", and "rotate" based on iText : rev.24/March/11. Fully deprecated, now, 04/11/2014).
  • For a more advanced "in-progress" stable version click here or here (This version is faster but larger download, 4.5MB; Latest stable beta_6_7_2; includes all features of Beta_5 versions with additional features for "Signature Manager," and "Bookmark Manager" based on iText : rev.25/March/11. No more will be revised and replaced, now, 04/11/2014)
  • Stable PDF file Splitter free software now available from Messiah's download page at, here. Stable beta_6, 1.9 MB; new build, based on iText (21/March/11).

  • Please click on the "Question Mark" at the bottom right of the software to learn how to use it.
    I was scanning my old writings to pdf files. They are my handwritten diaries, or lecture notes and some of them are typed with old type-writers. When I was arranging them, consolidating files on some supposed order, I noticed that I had forgotten to scan some pages. I could scan those individual pages to pdf and then I could split the previously scanned files put the new scanned pages between them at the right places and merge them. Instead of that I created a software to inject or rather insert the skipped pages into their places in my volumes of scanned material. You can download that software free if you, too, have that requirement. All software have a visual help here.
    (Update, November 2014 : Dysprosium (Dolce edition) has been released (please click) based on iText from mid of April 2014 and smoothly on a nightly basis added more features and now I have deprecated many scattered pieces of PDF utilities I already released. There are so many features that I cannot write complete instructions for all of them. From other previous pieces only Signature manager has been remained to be integrated. I sorted out PDF viewer problem somehow satisfactorily.)