Monday, 31 January 2011

Dysprosium: Messiah's "Codes For Us" PDF Software Package Under Way

(For the latest PDF files Merger Software please have a look at the top of the left margin, inside the red box.) This is an obsolete content. Some updates can be find at the bottom of this post. Now I have fulfilled part of my promises for a free PDF software suite, without overly bloating it. Under different stress tests I have done , there appears a couple of issues. For example, some rare happening exception would not report them in a relevant dialogue. As the software, in contrast to some other software, keeps the original file untouched, these exceptions have not a damaging edge. But, in principle, they should be reported. Other important issue is when PDF files exceed a size of 0.5 GB. One needs to have enough resources in their computer to handle them. All other applications should be closed. I have tested merging of two 450 MB files with 4GB of RAM and effective CPU speed of 4.5 GHz that takes almost (less than) ten minutes. We could push the software to the limit of PDF standard of total merged file of 3.6 GB (700,000 simple pages). I used both Windows 7, 64bits and the current Windows 8/8.1, 64bits. I had a quad core CPU 2.5GHz clock speed. I put 4GB out of 8GB of physical memory available for Java (this is only used only a couple of minutes when you are using large PDF files; it does not reduce your memory at other times). Hence, if  an exception of "failed map" were thrown by very large files, it is likely due to lack of hardware resources thrown by native operating system, rather than my PDF merging software. We are on the course to be assured on those targets in first release candidate of  "Dysprosium" in this current year. There are buttons in different places disabled for now. Their functions are under construction. Software will always remain free. "Free as we have in freedom and as we have in free beer;" quote from now a lost link on the Internet. We humbly become happy if we understand our work is of some benefit to other people and they are using it in ease. We have this powerful means and the related tools of communication thanks to millions of hours of free works offered by hard-working individuals all around the world.
(Dysprosium is registered to be used as the name for Messiah's "Codes For Us" PDF Software Package.)
Update, May 2016 : Dysprosium (Dolce edition) has been released (please click) based on iText from mid of April 2014 and smoothly on a nightly basis added more features and now I have deprecated many scattered pieces of PDF utilities I already released. There are so many features that I cannot write complete instructions for all of them. From other previous pieces only Signature manager has been remained to be integrated. I sorted out PDF viewer problem somehow satisfactorily.)
(updated : 26/May/2016) I have had over 60,000 downloads from 187 countries. All around the world, only 1 country in South America (French Guiana) and 1 countries in Asia (Democratic North Korea ) have not used Dysprosium Software, yet. The remaing countries not downloaded to this date (less than 10) are from the central Africa and perhaps some very small Island countries.
(Deprecated Paragraph : People contacted me regarding not fulfilling promises in creating an integrated software for different pieces of dysprosium in on single -and perhaps bloated- suite. My friend Grant Hardy is too busy with electronics and doesn't come around. Phoenix  is also has committed himself in different web developments. I have been left alone and I am too old and feeble, but have progressed in some areas. For example, I have created a Complex Polynomial Calculator; download here. I postpone my promises towards end of this year. We had some joy with majority of algorithms in recovering lost owner's passwords. Well, I succeeded in a relatively fast password cracker but won't publish it. People who have lost their password might like to use other things available out there. We fulfilled all my promise at this date 26/May/2016.)

Sunday, 9 January 2011

Encryption Tablet

(For the latest PDF files Merger Software please have a look at the top of the left margin, inside the red box.) Now the encryption tablet (version SB3) is out. You can use it to create a keystore and public private keys with different key algorithms, key sizes and signature algorithms. Also it is possible to create a secrete key from the keystore. Utility can be used to create PFX (PKCS#12) files from the available public-private key pair files. You might use the software for creation  PEM files from the PFX file, or convert the PEM file to a DER file. Other features of the software includes printing the Finger Print of the certificate to a text file (.fp file can be read with a notepad). You can create a request CSR file for getting a certificate and then importing the certificate to the keystore. Another desireable feature is "JAR Signing," using any of the certificates you might have imported or created in the key-store with the known alias and passwords of yours. There are other features, as well, to utilize. At this date (09/March/14) help page is mostly ready, but under development. Please download from here (deprecated).
(09/March/2014: reported issue resolved. Although it is decades we have the poor "DOS" behind, still it shows itself here and there. Yes, it is recommended to install in a folder with no blank character in its name; perhaps, not even in parent path. Its own default unzipped folder is the best.)
(09/March/14: Now a visual help page is available here for converting PFX to PEM and to DER format part of the (deprecated version) software. Please have a look for further assistance.)
(09/March/14: An improved version  uploaded this weekend. All bugs fixed; very stable. Interface as shown below. Visual help click here.)