Sunday, 9 January 2011

Encryption Tablet

(For the latest PDF files Merger Software please have a look at the top of the left margin, inside the red box.) Now the encryption tablet (version SB3) is out. You can use it to create a keystore and public private keys with different key algorithms, key sizes and signature algorithms. Also it is possible to create a secrete key from the keystore. Utility can be used to create PFX (PKCS#12) files from the available public-private key pair files. You might use the software for creation  PEM files from the PFX file, or convert the PEM file to a DER file. Other features of the software includes printing the Finger Print of the certificate to a text file (.fp file can be read with a notepad). You can create a request CSR file for getting a certificate and then importing the certificate to the keystore. Another desireable feature is "JAR Signing," using any of the certificates you might have imported or created in the key-store with the known alias and passwords of yours. There are other features, as well, to utilize. At this date (09/March/14) help page is mostly ready, but under development. Please download from here (deprecated).
(09/March/2014: reported issue resolved. Although it is decades we have the poor "DOS" behind, still it shows itself here and there. Yes, it is recommended to install in a folder with no blank character in its name; perhaps, not even in parent path. Its own default unzipped folder is the best.)
(09/March/14: Now a visual help page is available here for converting PFX to PEM and to DER format part of the (deprecated version) software. Please have a look for further assistance.)
(09/March/14: An improved version  uploaded this weekend. All bugs fixed; very stable. Interface as shown below. Visual help click here.)

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