Wednesday, 24 October 2018

I moved to AMD Platform part 2

In the new build I got rid of the Corsair H115i liquid cooler that I had and also all the decorating LED's etc. I did not need to cool down my Intel 2011 6 cores extreme with 150 watts TDP.

I also removed my Sandisk 512 GB SSD. I noticed that maximum I use 140 GB on the main hard drive of my computer so 512 GB was always almost empty. I save everything on a set of HDD which are in excess of 10 TB and arranged for different tasks.

I cannot put my pictures and documents next to operating system that always is subject to different issues. I also every now and then save my things on Blu rays. That I cannot find things on these things later is another issue that still has not been solved. I like other consumers of new technologies cannot hire a personal private IT person, and we know that even them are lost among the huge flood of data.

The highest usage of my main drive is for LaTex that I use MikTex and I am used to complete install of their packegs. I also have some in-house apache webserver, a Microsoft office and such.

I installed the Rayzen CPU, WD Green M2 SSD and the stock cooler that came with the processor on the bench. I used the antistatic bag of the motherboard as the anti static surface under the mother board during these installations.

I also installed four pieces of Crucial DDR4 2666 MHz (4x8GB the most expensive item in this build) at this stage.

Then I put the whole build in the case (Thermaltake suppressor F51). I already had attached the back plate. on doing the screws I noticed one screw was under the M2 SSD and left undone which was not important. Eight screws are enough. I paid attention on tightening the screws to prevent counter torques that can damage the motherboard.

I liked a fresh install with all the sufferings that I experienced when tried to use images of pf Windows that I had on previous hardware builds. I did not connect any HDD. Windows should be installed on the WD Green alone both for cations and also ease of    installation.

Windows ISO on the DVD's these days won't go easily with the M2 SSD's. So from the official Microsoft Windows 10 I downloaded a flash memory stick version of the Windows 10. I used my laptop for that job. When the download software asked me if it should add some details of the laptop I un-checked the box. I did not need it for the laptop, obviously. I used an 8 GB memory stick for the Windows image.

I also downloaded the latest version of the motherboards BIOS from the ASUS site. I have a separte dedicated marked memory stick just for updating BIOS.

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