Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Installing GParted and XOSL

In xVM virtual Box I mount the enhanced GParted.iso I prepared as I explained here, and then I start the machine. It loads GParted from ISO image. I continue on defaults of GParted, but for the last stage when it gives me a choice of command line, as choice [2]. After loading the "Debian" commandline, at the prompt I type "fdisk" and then "return". It gives a usage of "fdisk" command. I type "fdisk /dev/hda". It finds the virtual hard disk and describes its specifications. It gives usual warning of Linux regarding violation of 1024 cylinders limit. For this writting I selected a virtual hard disk of some 16Gb. "fdisk" recognizes a default H=16, S=63 and number of cylinders C=33288. This creates later problems for me if I do not correct them. Each cylinder now contains 1008 blocks, each block 512 bytes gives a total of 0.5Mb capacity for each cylinder. I should have an 8Mb capacity for each cylinder. If I keep S=63 and increase H to H=255 then number of cylinders will be 33288/(255/16) or 33288x16/255 which is roughly C=2088 and each cylinder contains SxHx512=63x255x512=8225280 bytes or some 8Mb of data.

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