Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Moving from Microsoft Office Live Web Hosting (1)

(For the latest PDF files Merger Software please have a look at the top of the left margin, inside the red box.) Frequently in the past I have written about tuning of Microsoft Office Live web hosting. This was a generous flexible tool offered by Microsoft essentially for small businesses to help them to have a decent hassle free presence on the web without cornering them to buy anything from the host. You even could remove that small font link and logo of the host at the bottom of created page. (I never removed it, as I believed that should be promoted; when one gets one should give.) Its editor was the best in terms of robustness and flexibility and design among any on-line editor I ever had experienced. One could bypass that editor by creating his own page and launching them from the "Documents Gallery" of his own. Not that you could produce one of those aggressive websites with different capabilities that is possible to run from a full blooded paid hosting, still enough to learn and keep the fire aflame. Besides tens of thousands of small businesses using that facility for income, there were ten folds of them used the hosting for personal non-profit applications such as educators, charities, different churches of different religions, artists, writers, political protagonists, anybody who wanted to have a voice on the Internet or had something to offer free to the public. This was a great altruism.  And one knows that altruism pays. When a computer enterprise promotes free presence of public on the Internet, at the end there'll be a queue of enterprises in some indirect manner in front of its own sales department. But should not forget the lesson of Sun Microsystem. Sun was a computer "Robin Hood," earning from big enterprises but lavishly spending for any geek (perhaps I mean cool) ideas around. It was a funky cafe, in the eyes of nerds to come and test their tastes. I frequently had received free Amazon vouchers, tee shirts, mugs from Sun just for writing a couple of lines as a comment, or a good bug report, without ever asking. There were supports for hundreds of projects without obligation to finish them. Free software, tools, and tutorials were available in every corner of Sun Microsystem, in galore. Return was good as Sun was enjoying having seven billion dollars just in cash in its backroom safe. But when enterprises started to fall, that cash was spent in few months without Sun having a cushion from backbone of more population. Oracle took over the Sun and accepted prudently many of the legacies of Sun Microsystem. Oracle has not any bad reputation as an aggressively business oriented company. Even I do not believe, in spite of many contrary ideas, that such a bad reputation exists for Microsoft. Essentially IBM, Microsoft, Oracle, Sun, Intel, Google, and many other similar companies are based on a founder and a population of employees mostly from the nerds with deep tendency to fulfill a mathematical curiosity than earning the money. Still, I believe, Oracle should keep the name of Sun in a similar way to that of Ohm, Siemens, Volt, Watt, Ampere, and such reputable names. I fell a bit far from my original discourse. Now, Office Live is being shut down. At first, I was somehow bitter, hearing the news. However, now I understand why Microsoft has made such a decision. It was not possible for Microsoft, especially in present financial situation of the world to maintain an activity which is not part of its expertise and statement of mission. Add the fact that most of those customers are not deeply engaged in design of a website. Microsoft has offered a paid hosting as part of the Office 365 on-line suite. That Office 365 is a good and well designed product seamlessly coordinated with Microsoft Office, but its web hosting is far weaker and more basic than Office Live and for one who needs only web hosting is useless and expensive. Therefore, many of OL users are decided to move. Thank you Microsoft for hosting my site. I learned many things from you and received support of a paying customer, but now it is time to adventure in open space and stand on our own feet. How can we move? It is subject of the next post.
(Update : See also this post Web Hosting at Your Home (Revisited) )

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  1. I have maintained two web sites, and, for years now on Microsoft Office Live.

    After Microsoft closes Office Live down end of April 2012, there will be NO access to existing web sites any more.

    To transfer a web site to Microsoft 365, one must rebuild a web site manually page by page (per

    My web sites have hundreds of pages, so having to rebuild manually seems crazy -- and not something one should have to do simply because Microsoft's products not forward compatible? Can you suggest:

    (1) a better platform for non-technical people (I don't even "speak" HTML...) to maintain a simple web site on?

    (2) how to migrate existing web sites from the soon defunct Microsoft Office Live to that other platform?

    I'm on Apple (McBook Air) and generally find Apple and Google products FAR better designed than Microsoft products (including the soon to disappear Office Live). Many thanks for what you can suggest!

    Best regards,

    Patrick Mehr, Publisher
    Plunkett Lake Press
    eBooks of Life Writing