Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Back up Is Essential

I should say that almost I never have much things on my main hard disk where I put my operating system (s). I have one TB spare disks in two other drives, plenty of room for putting everything there. When I install a program I change defaults such that storage materials go into the spare disks. For example, when I create a power point I always save it in a side hard disk in a folder belonging only to power points. In that I have subfolders for different subjects of power points. I regulary burn important materials that I like to keep into these cheaply available huge storage such as CD's, DVD's, double layer DVD's and in future in Blue Rays. I regularly backup my internet favourits folder too. I have a regular picture of Start Menu such that in case I can remember what I had installed. Hence, if I get serious trouble or if I want to do some experiment recovery of operating system is not disastrous.

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