Monday, 13 April 2009

Using Code View IDE in FreeDos

I had the companion software "Free Microsoft Visual C++ 1.0" as part of the book "Learn Visual C++ Now," by Mark Andrew, from Microsoft Press, 1996. My daughter, Mercedes, bought the book for me when we were in Exeter many years ago. I liked to install it on my computer frequently, I couldn't succeed. Recently I tried again to put it inside the MASM editor. There is no way to use its compiler. Windows XP SP3 that I have, has nothing to do to chase EMM.386 in a SYSTEM.INI legacy of 16 bits DOS. But the editor loads and saves and it is funny to have it exploited. The CodeView for Windows (CVW) is impossible to be used and CodeView for DOS (CV) takes a hell out of your CPU. The best thing is to install a separate DOS partition on your hard disk and take it there to enjoy. And I did that. I created a FreeDos partition next door to my XP.

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